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The Changing Landscape:

Technology has always shaped the way we work. With the coming of age of the internet and connectedness, we have accelerated the use of technology to perfect industries and sectors far beyond our imagination.

The present situation has changed the way we work, we have been forced to adapt to using technology in a different way. The global crises that all of us are facing have forced us indoors & with this we have been acclimatized to working from home. But fortunately, for us, technology has made some significant advances allowing us to almost seamlessly work from home.

Adapting to the New Normal:

Though there is a lot of uneasiness surrounding the new normal of us working from home, there are a lot of things we can learn on how we can better understand & implement the way we use technology.

We live in an internet & smartphone age which has helped improve us adapt to the new normal and there is much speculation that many people are simply going to continue working from home once the crisis winds down.

Though the advancements in technology have made it feasible for us to work from home, we still need to determine the best practices and options of adjusting to the new workplace culture dominated not by the hours worked but by the actual work done with effective communication. This measurement can be only be done by the right technological support, to promote high levels of communication & increase efficiency that can contribute towards positive business & economic outcomes.

Technological Impact on the New Normal:

Perhaps the biggest advantage of technology in this landscape would be to collaborate in real-time with colleagues & contributors within your organization. Being able to enjoy enterprise level communication & collaboration tools when working from home creates more opportunities to effectively get a task done.

These advantages can be attributed to advancements in key areas of the tech world.

Firstly, the access of high-speed internet has made accessing information a lot easier than it was a decade ago.  Faster & cheaper internet connectivity has allowed an explosive growth in online tools allowing many of use to use them to communicate and work. Mobile phones and laptop computers with wireless internet access mean that your employees are always accessible and can work wherever they are.

Access to the internet has a positive and cascading effect on the way we maintain our workflow.

Virtual Teamworking, this is another aspect that has seen a spike in this changing landscape. With the increased adoption of apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack etc., we are able to create a new remote workplace and team environment.

Audio & Video Conferencing apps can help team members easily join meetings, collaborate on documents, and share screens to further enhance communication. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp & others have facilitated messages and actions to be received and recorded in real time, as recipient can read the messages without delay.

These apps have the means to communicate & collaborate in real-time helping the organization save time without losing out on agility and flexibility in the business world.

With the shift from office to home environment, now more than ever, Cloud technology plays a vital role in how we maintain an untethered workflow that does not cause any business disruptions.

Cloud technology can make accessing & managing data easier, stable, and secure. Using cloud storage services can cut down the frustrations that come with not being able to find or share files. You can now access your business network or databases by connecting to a cloud service to keep your work going. Cloud storage apps can be a great way to facilitate working from anywhere, because they allow users to synchronize smartphones and other computing devices.

Many of the tools discussed earlier work on some cloud platform enabling us to collaborate in real-time. With cloud tools, you can gain seamless integration for applications across your project workflows—plus you get robust security and data storage.

There are many benefits to integrating the use of Cloud technology in this changing landscape. Cloud technology can help accessing data easier, it helps in retrieving lost data due to timely backups done periodically, improves real-time collaboration & communication, last but not the least increased security for your data. Cloud storage and computing, along with other evolving technologies, offer tremendous benefits for remote workers. People who use cloud storage technology are helping not just themselves, but their employers too.

This unforeseen situation of us having to shift our workplaces from our offices to our homes has seen us adapting to new ways of increasing productivity & effectively achieving our workplace goals. With the right investments in technology, working from home can be advantageous pursuit for the inherent future. This global trend is here to stay and if we need to stay ahead of this situation, we need to adopt a carefully & considered approach to technology & giving your teams the resources, they need.