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Running a file server involves many management activities like server hardware maintenance, OS administration, patch management, security & encryption, user support and request fulfillment.

AWS FSx is a fully managed service you can use to delegate most of these tasks. With AWS FSx you can

Reduce your IT management efforts

Hardware and OS are completely managed by AWS, it means you do not have to plan for or be concerned about hardware failures, OS patching.

No need to setup file servers & storage volumes and manage them. Deploy by simple service setup on AWS, and offload infrastructure management & administration overheads to AWS. Activities like replicating data, installing software updates and patches, automated DR failover & failback and file system backups are performed by AWS. Deploy on a single AZ or across multiple AZs for Automatic durable backups

Can help you reduce ticket volume, with VSS enabled users can go back to older versions or recover files

Improve your Security Management

Stop worrying about security management, AWS FSx is a highly secure system with automatic encryption of data at-rest and in-transit and compliant with ISO, PCI-DSS, SOC certifications.

FSx can be integrated with your on-premise AD or AWS Microsoft Manged AD hence you will have complete control of access and CloudTrail will help you monitor and log user actions and hence maintaining an audit trial.

Broad compatibility, efficient and easily scalable

Supports wide range of access requirements. FSx natively supports SMB protocol, which gives you a shared file storage compatible with Windows-based applications, Linux and MacOS, any application or user can access the storage regardless of operating system

Reduce storage requirements. Data deduplication helps you to optimize and achieve up to 80% by removing redundant data and it works at a sub file level and removes duplicate content and also compresses common content.

Scalable capacity and throughput from 8MBps to 2048MBps which can be scaled or customised to match any specific business need at anytime

Some other key features

Migrating on-premise file data into Amazon FSx is simple and fast with AWS DataSync. And supports transfer and access via AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN, and accessible from multiple VPCs, accounts, and regions using VPC Peering or AWS Transit Gateway.

You can also connect your FSx file system to Amazon EC2, VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Amazon AppStream 2.0 instances.

Versatile management options to Manage via AWS Management Console, or AWS CLI, or AWS SDK. Administrative features include end-user file restore, user quota management & Access Control Lists (ACLs)

For more information on how to leverage AWS FSx contact us at info@precisionit.co.in

More details on AWS FSx – https://aws.amazon.com/fsx/