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Precision, with its more than two decades of IT infrastructure management experience, understands that IT infrastructure management is not about just getting defective systems to function or offering canned, one-size-fits-all services which provide little comfort or convenience to the service recipient.

Having managed & supported the IT infrastructure of organizations of various sizes, cutting across industry verticals, geographies and category of services rendered, Precision has evolved a comprehensive, broad-based IT Infrastructure Management Services Framework, named COMPASS, which governs the end-to-end service packaging & delivery.

Applying this framework, be it a scenario where a few end-user-computing devices are to be maintained or a large complex infrastructure having a mix of data center, cloud, networking assets and intense processes ranging from deskside support right up to establishing and managing a hybrid-support model, enables one to go beyond ‘standard’ IT support metrics to ensuring that the business needs are met, that is, to move from an IT Centric model to a Business Centric Model.

These are the phases of the COMPASS Framework:

Consult: We meet with the key stakeholders and understand business requirements and support needs including the roadmap, interlinkages & dependencies. We then design the service delivery model based on the specific requirements & expectations, ensuring that the model is result-oriented and not just transactional. We iterate the model to make sure it aligns with your goals and strategic objectives.

Operate: We implement and operate ITIL based integrated & automated support services for end-to-end IT operations. We ensure that processes are well established and ensure coverage without compromise.

Manage: We adopt an ownership based model to deliver IT Management Services. No excuses, no slippery slopes or ambiguity. Be it meeting stringent SLAs or ensuring user satisfaction and perception, we are up for it. And we do really address all your support needs. No piecemeal contracts or multiple vendors to manage, no passing the buck.

Improve: We establish key metrics in consultation with you, perform regular reviews, ensure transparent reporting and implement improvements. Yes, we do look at the technology aspects too, not just service metrics and suggest improvements.

Automate: We assist in systematic migration of manual processes with DevOps platforms. Infrastructure monitoring and management including implementation of our own software for services orchestration, automation & management is another area where we endeavor to add value.

Secure: We strive to improve the resilience of the IT infrastructure you have carefully invested into, by implementing proper processes, controls and methods. Security audits and specialized skills and tools help us identify areas needing improvement.

Synergize: We ensure that the services we deliver are business value aligned. Period. A well-integrated service delivery model which is personalized, effective and cost optimized is what you can expect from us.

Do check our COMPASS to find the right direction. Give us a call and experience the difference.