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A startup company often has only two choices in enabling IT infrastructure:

Do it yourself or outsource it to a professional service provider. If do it yourself equals productivity lost, it may be a more costly undertaking than you think.

This is very often the case with IT Infrastructure Management. Startups tend to assume that outsourcing may be an expensive and unnecessary cost, when actually it’s an efficient model both in terms of cost and productivity.

Here are 5 ways hiring an IT Infrastructure Management company can boost your operational efficiencies.

1. A Smarter, leaner IT function

One of the main reasons to employ a Data Center Infrastructure Management company is that these firms offer a level of specialization and knowledge that your makeshift IT team may not have. The specific issues surfacing while addressing infrastructure concerns just aren’t part of standard IT protocols.

When you hire an IT Infrastructure Management firm, you can use your employees to actually focus on doing the things they are trained to do and are proficient at. Having your employees do jobs they’re skilled at is always a major productivity booster.

2. Avoid Off-Site Trips

While getting away from your desk is a proven way to give your brain a break and improve your productivity when you return, it doesn’t count if that trip away consists of visiting your data center to figure out why you’re experiencing a major glitch or to reconfigure some settings. Hiring IT Infrastructure Management expertise in Remote management tools and processes means never having to make these trips off-site. Instead, you can just give your service provider a call and they’ll take care of it for you. This frees up time to really do your job. Isn’t that what you want?

3. Stop Playing Guessing Games

Data centers are complex environments and they require precise control of temperature and humidity, conditioned & redundant power systems and so forth. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been trained to understand the impact of changing weather conditions or the prerequisites for keeping a large room of buzzing computer systems working on a sticky summer day, you’re just playing a big guessing game. And if you’re guessing about these vital environmental control issues, you’re likely doing damage to your data infrastructure.

Playing guessing games is a productivity sap because it both takes time out of your day and often results in data loss or system damage that could put you out of operation for days at a length. Let someone who knows what they’re doing determine these settings and head back to your desk.

4. Forget The Homework

Startups are busy places because they are trying to play catch-up with bigger companies and get ahead of the curve with new innovations and ideas. Being a creativity factory, however, doesn’t leave a lot of time for managing IT infrastructure.. IT is a rapidly evolving area, but your IT service provider can take responsibility for understanding and implementing important developments. You can provide the oversight, but you don’t need to be the expert.

5. Achieve Centralization

It’s not uncommon for startups to end up putting the physical components of their data center in any spare closet or garage they can find. Office space is a premium – and a very expensive one if you’re located somewhere in a prime business district – and there’s often no space big enough to allow for centralization. You may be reduced to tracking your data storage components using a spreadsheet, wasting a lot of time recording where your new set-up is or trying to find the subcomponent causing a problem.

It’s time to face the facts that your startup probably isn’t suited to managing its own data center and that you could benefit from hiring a company that specializes in these issues. You’re losing productive hours, and maybe even spending too much money, replacing tech that got fried by poor conditions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
When measured against lost productivity, employment excesses that are intended to help cover IT shortcomings, and the other costs associated with trying to do your own management, hiring a specialist is not nearly as expensive as you might think.

Take the plunge, talk to experts at www.precisionit.co.in or email your queries to dm@precisionit.co.in and reap the benefits.