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IT spending is on the rise and many enterprises today consider technology as a key business driver rather than simple cost center. Organizational intelligence is becoming critical for understanding our business environment, both internal and external. Powerful cost effective business applications in sync with infrastructure technologies could be a game changer for any organization. However, the problem many companies today face is:

How to spend “right” on IT to get ahead of the game and stay atop.

One option is outsourcing IT and key executive positions, such as the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Here’s a look at the benefits of engaging a virtual CIO.

Why an Outsourced CIO?

One compelling reason to consider the notion is the need for a highly experienced and knowledgeable leader; while it’s sometimes possible to train an existing senior IT resource or headhunt a full-time executive, both of these options may be expensive and time-consuming. By leveraging an outsourced IT services provider with a track record of successful partnerships, you get access to highly skilled executives without spending big.

Strategic Solutions

Just like outsourcing specific IT services, companies, particularly Small and Medium enterprises have started considering outsourced executives — these IT experts offer a strategic focus, depth of expertise, and provide a neutral viewpoint on technologies or investments that may divide other in-house executives.

Time and Money

While money is many a time the go-to answer for outsourcing IT (Why pay more than you have to for high-quality tech services?), your biggest gains in tapping virtual CIOs are often saved time and an improved alignment of IT with business needs. Consider: Instead of fitting in one or more existing IT pros into the role of a technology executive or attempting to rapidly on board a new member to the organization, a partnership with an experienced, people-driven IT outsourcing firm removes these barriers and lets you get to your work.

At Precision, our team of highly skilled professionals can help address your CIO needs, assisting you in

  • Assessment of current IT applications, infrastructure, gaps and pain areas
  • Creation of an IT roadmap based on current needs and future growth plans (with budgeting)
  • Planning an IT architecture that best aligns with business needs and security
  • Evaluation of business applications (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.) and co-ordination of implementation
  • IT infra re-modelling both in-house/cloud for higher efficiency in performance and costs
  • Implementing automation of processes to reduce dependencies
  • Evolution and adoption of technologies for changing business scenarios
  • Step-by-Step, planned Digitization

Ready to take your enterprise to the next level? Consider outsourcing the role of Chief Information Officer to Precision. To know more, talk to us today at 9176632573 or mail us at dm@precisionit.co.in