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An outsourced CIO plays a vital role in any early-stage company. The outsourced CIO helps implement technologies and IT processes which are effective, scalable, stable, and secure. Here are 5 reasons why every early-stage company needs an outsourced CIO on the team.

1. Outsourced CIOs keep up with technology changes

An outsourced CIO knows the technologies that have worked well in the past. However, the CIO watches emerging tech trends that might benefit your company. The CIO knows when it’s time to make purchases and when it’s time to hold off, which helps you avoid costly mistakes.

2. Outsourced CIOs develop an All Encompassing IT Strategy

Your outsourced CIO will look at many things as he develops your business technology strategy. Assessing the company’s current needs serves as the first step, but the CIO will also evaluate future needs. It’s also important to assess the technology your competitors may be using so that you won’t be at a disadvantage.

3. An Outsourced CIO Can Help You Hire a Talented IT Team

If your business is already at the stage when an in-house IT department makes sense, your outsourced CIO can help you make informed decisions about new hires. This means vetting candidates, and giving you unbiased opinions about applicants. In the end, you’ll enjoy a full house of employees who are a good fit for your company. This means you’ll reduce turnover, which can bring a host of painful and expensive headaches.

4. Outsourced CIOs work towards your goals

Your ultimate goal; the success of your company; is the focus of the Outsourced CIO. Every suggestion or decision made by the CIO is in alignment with your business’s best interests. Getting the work done right is the most important mandate of the CIO.

5. An Outsourced CIO Saves You Money

An entrepreneur also wants to make sure every rupee spent is spent wisely. Developing a supportive technology infrastructure will be one of the most expensive parts of your business overhead. An expert’s guidance is invaluable at this stage, since it will help you keep your initial tech spend in check. You’ll also be able to get more out of the technology you do purchase, simply because the CIO will have the expertise to help you and your employees develop a solid process which will help you make the most out of every purchase.

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