HPE Financial Services

HPE Financial Services


HPE Financial Services (HPE FS) can help customer accelerate innovation by providing a bridge between technology and finance agendas to achieve business goals.

HPE FS has a flexible portfolio of services and solutions to help customer build IT investment and lifecycle management strategies that enable digital transformation and help deliver in an age of disruption.

How does HPE Financial Services help you?

  • Overcoming budget constraints
  • Retaining cash to reinvest in business objectives
  • Allowing for technology refresh to stay current with the latest technologies
  • Aligning cash flow to IT

What do you get help upon?


Lease structures

FMV (Fair market value)

Flexibility at reduced cost, use of the solution for a 12-60 month term with options to extend, own, or return

$1 Purchase (Finance Lease)

Convenient financing, use of the solution for a 12-60 month term with asset transfer to customer at end of term

Payment structures


Defer payments to facilitate the transition to a full operating system – for up to 90 days

Step Payments

Payments grow as customer reaps benefits from new technology


Accelerated Migration

Customer owned equipment can be financed for the remaining net book investment into the new transaction

Competitive Takeout

Cancellation, Settlement or Buyout fees for early termination financed into new deal with HPE FS. Existing supplier or lease contract with 3rd party financing company

Additional Solutions & Services

Mix Environment

Acquire HPE/I hardware, HPE/I services, HPE/I software along with NHP products in a single transaction

Flexible End of Term

Extend, return or own the equipment at the end of the term. Can’t decide, go month to month

Pack & Ship Solutions

All HPE FS experts to pack and ship hardware with ease and confidence

Asset Upcycling Services

Collection and disposal of HP equipment

To know more https://www.hpe.com/us/en/services/financial-services.html