Smart Building

Smart Building

Smart Building

Precision employs PIVOT – Precision’s Value Added Internet of Things Framework to develop Smart Building solutions.

Precision can help you all along your journey of envisioning, preparing, prototyping, architecting and implementing your IoT solutions. Be it a solution being implemented as a project or making your products ‘smart’, Precision would be keen to partner with you.

A sample of our PIVOT based solutions for Smart Building:

Smart Switches

These switches replace conventional electrical switches and offer benefits such as local & ‘remote’ control, scheduled operations, improved energy efficiency, convenience, safety and security

Smart Lighting

Enabling IoT in conventional luminaires, to deliver the benefits of energy efficiency, safety, control & convenience, cost optimization & actuation based on sensor inputs and analytics. Precision has also developed a Power over Ethernet (PoE) based solution to drive power to LED luminaires through Ethernet cables as opposed to the standard AC supply, thereby taking the concepts of safety & energy efficiency to higher levels

Building Management System

Solutions include Smart Car Parking, Air Conditioning System, Medical Equipment Management (Healthcare), Smart Rooms (Hospitality) and others

Smart Energy Metering

Real time energy meter data transmission (push/pull), Power consumption analysis & alerts (to enable preventive maintenance), Real time load monitoring, threshold configurations and breach alerts. Event detection & reporting

The segments that we address are:

  • Consultants, Builders, Architects of commercial campuses, stadiums & buildings

Do contact us to start a conversation about your IoT initiative and we would be happy to understand the use case and design a solution for your specific needs.

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