Hosting (Cloud Services)

Hosting (Cloud Services)

Hosting (Cloud Services)

Precision’s Cloud offerings are customized to reduce IT overheads for clients through pay-as-you-go models. Precision enables clients with hosting services, through Precision’s Cloud or with prominent Public Cloud providers, for complete utilization of technology & IT resources with best-in-class features and performance.

Challenges faced among small and medium enterprises in their IT environments include: 

  • Difficulties faced with setting up own data center infrastructure owing to constraints such as capital, skills, ongoing management constraints as this is a non-core area
  • Need for infrastructure scalability & flexibility
  • Inexperience and lack of skills in areas such as data backup & disaster recovery 

Our Offerings

  • Application hosting
  • Mail hosting
  • Data archival solutions
  • Cloud solution design, architecting, deployment and orchestration
  • Ongoing monitoring & management.


  • No upfront investment / capital expenditure on hardware
  • Pay-as-you-go, op-ex model
  • Individual & isolated disk space with full server capabilities
  • Flexibility of dedicated servers at the price of shared hosting
  • Scalability – can scale up or down resources based on business need
  • Highly secure, governed by data security frameworks and compliance
  • Cost effective – benefit of sharing the cost of infrastructure
  • Customized to meet your business needs
  • Choice of operating systems
  • Complete Control with root access
  • Fully trained network operation center team available 24/7 for monitoring

Infra-Vault – Virtual Desktop Interface

A secure, scalable and simplified service, Precision infra-vault is an Enterprise grade Private Cloud platform that enables customers with their end-to-end IT infrastructure requirements.  Infra-vault, built on state-of-the-art virtualization techniques and Open Source platforms, requires only a browser based environment for access to the services derived from any client device across the world of internet.

Benefits of Infra-Vault

  • Virtual Private Server Environment
  • Customized Desktops with required applications
  • Secure & Scalable Infrastructure
  • Browser based access over the internet
  • Centralized EUC Management
  • Controlled End-User Computing environment
  • Heterogeneous application integration
  • Fixed Operational Expenses
  • Zero Capital Expenditure
  • IT Standardization
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