Large Enterprises

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For the growth of any organization and its business, the core focus is always its customers and business transformation. To ensure smooth running of the business, the organization must enable itself with a suitable IT infrastructure that aligns with these three important areas:

  • Shifting the investments from operations to innovation
  • Enabling agility & flexibility
  • Managing risk

Precision’s expertise in managing infrastructure environments ensures a deep-rooted understanding of the operations of a business and its need to adapt itself to market changes, including improving operational efficiency, excellence and enabling growth.

Partnering with several leading companies to deploy cost effective, flexible and scalable extended IT arm models, Precision provides optimum end-user experience, a top class underlying infrastructure and delivers solutions to address the needs of a multitude of user groups.

Precision has an excellent understanding of the applications that build the underlying infrastructure and optimizes the use of said applications with the ability to manage complex service level requirements.

Challenges Faced by Large Enterprises:

  • Providing a scalable, secure, and highly available computing infrastructure that reduces costs while ensuring service quality
  • Controlling network and systems complexity and obsolescence while managing an expanding infrastructure
  • Ensuring bandwidth capacity and traffic loads at predictable costs to support mission critical application environments
  • Competing in an environment where faster time to market and expanded geographic reach are critical to success
  • Enabling an agile, flexible IT environment that supports a rapid response to changing market demands.
  • Difficulty in hiring and retaining skilled IT staff

Importance of Infrastructure Management Services

With the world tuning in to Business Aligned IT, the need for best-in-class IT infrastructure to run and deliver services to multiple users in the business ecosystem rises. Complex IT Infrastructure Management applications are being developed and it requires a deep understanding of the application, architecting the underlying infrastructure, optimizing their use and managing complex SLAs.

If an organisation intends to operate at a higher level, it needs to proactively adapt to market changes, improve operational efficiency & effectiveness and accelerate growth. To achieve this goal, organisations seek outsourcing partners that deploy cost effective, flexible and scalable extended IT arm models.

Why Precision?

As an organisation goes through the transformational process, the need for strategic change and outsourcing is critical to help them acquire new business-enabling technologies, expand their internal skills and deliver better services.

Several leading enterprises are seeking out organisations that enable them with the required IT help to acquire new skill sets and services from external partners for data center operations – both on-premise & cloud based, application development, desktop management and more to achieve a higher optimum.

With decades of experience and a team of skilled & certified experts, Precision manages Infrastructure environments and extracts a deep understanding of how they operate to blend them together for the best-in-class end-user experience.

What Can Precision Deliver?

  • Infrastructure Management Services for
  • Datacenter infrastructure (on-premise & cloud)
  • Network infrastructure
  • End User Computing infrastructure
  • Organised IT support delivery in alignment with business needs
  • ITIL based processes
  • Subject Matter Expertise Support
  • Access to technology and skilled resources
  • Reducing complexity and risk
  • Access to world class capabilities
  • Leverage technology advances quickly
  • Adopt best practices
  • Improve business focus & scalability

Precision enables large enterprises with a comprehensive portfolio of services for data center, end-user and network/security environments to offer Solutions and Services for a faster growth and continued business alignment.

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