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Precision Biometric



Biometrics has come of age and it is providing a security layer to enterprises and government organizations. One of the major areas which are experiencing the revolutionary effect of biometrics is Identity and Access Management. However, in a time when majority of the security threats are internal, most organizations are busy maintaining a perimeter security to prevent external threats.

Precision Biometric India, headquartered in Chennai, focuses on addressing the internal threats to ensure that only authorized personnel get access to the data. “With increasing accessibility of corporate network through various media and devices, it has become a necessity to have strong mechanism in place to control access. Our bet is on biometrics because if you are able to uniquely identify a person, misuse of passwords will automatically get addressed and security system will become stronger.” says Mathew Chacko, Founder Director & CEO of Precision Biometrics.

The market for identification management has always been there but with enterprise mobility the need for identity management has grown significantly. As a result of its surging importance, the market is witnessing big and small players venturing into this domain. However, to be ahead of competition, they need to score high on both the scales of cost leadership and differentiation. Precision Biometric establishes its cost leadership through its in-depth knowledge of all the components that form a biometric solution. Indulging its research and development team in the fundamentals of science and mathematics, the company builds solutions which seamlessly apply to the functional requirements in the field. In addition, by interacting with the customers across the demography of India, Precision has been able to build a differentiation. “When it comes to building a solution we have a microscopic view of every component in utmost detail and a telescopic view when it comes to comprehending the market opportunities.” adds Mathew.

With an advantage of its expertise and understanding of the market, Precision Biometric has designed innovative biometric products like fingerprint & iris scanners and portable thermal printers. Its products offer a robust yet cost effective solution. To protect datacenters from internal and external threats, the company has designed a solution called BioNIX which manages the identity of an organization’s privileged accounts. The solution uses Precision’s Radio Frequency based fingerprint scanner and a login control application that strengthens login security by using biometrics instead of passwords. When it comes to integration of biometrics with any Core Banking System (CBS), the organization offers InnaIT-CBS, a Software Development Kit (SDK) and biometric scanners, which remove loopholes in security in applications and ensures accurate authentication.

Apart from this, Precision Biometric provides AADHAAR/UID Enrolment Kits for the Registrars, Enrolment Agencies and outsourcing agencies. “AADHAAR has helped in the growth of the biometrics market and it will be a driving force with wide impact to government programs in the coming years. Biometrics& services will be key revenue generators for us.” concludes Mathew.