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The Needs

A leading organization in the logistics business desired to migrate an important application software which was running in their on-premise datacenter, to the cloud. Their goals were to have a highly available infrastructure whilst optimizing the costs. They enlisted the services of Precision to assist in the end-to-end migration project.

The Approach & Execution

Precision’s COMPASS Framework for IT Infrastructure Management was employed to address the end-to-end engagement. Precision initiated a detailed assessment of the client’s needs with a focus on the business needs, the business continuity plan and the application utilization aspects.

Popular cloud platform options were evaluated thoroughly and a Proof of Concept was enabled on both Azure & AWS platforms. The performance and cost structures were studied in detail in conjunction with the needs of on-demand Disaster Recovery services.

Post Precision’s detailed assessment, the best fit platform was finalized and recommended to the client. Precision then created a migration plan and enabled the application with the integration of cloud available services. Template based automated deployments were performed and the migration activities was carried forth as per the design and checklist.

Precision’s InsTILTM CLM tool was deployed along with cloud monitoring services to provide an integrated dashboard with an overview of the availability and utilization metrics of the cloud hosted infrastructure.

Further, Cloud based audit trails were enabled and routed to a permanent data store for future reference and analytical reviews.

Triggers were also enabled for cost limit threshold alerts and are constantly monitored in order to ensure effective cloud infrastructure utilization and to implement improvements on an ongoing basis.

Post migration, a half yearly Disaster Recovery drill was executed to ensure that the DR processes were in place and the documents were published for future reference and use.

The Outcomes

An effective pre-migration assessment led to the selection of the most appropriate cloud infrastructure platform. Comprehensive migration plans and checklists ensured an effective migration without any glitches. Ongoing post-migration monitoring and reviews ensure efficient operations and utilization including optimal cost structures.