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The Support Needs

The company desired Cloud Infrastructure and Managed services with 99.99% uptime target and SLA, 24/7 service window for 45 servers on AWS & Azure. The scope of support was to be Infrastructure Monitoring, Cloud Environment deployment, Cloud Orchestration and Environment Management on AWS and Azure. An area of specific focus were to be cost management and optimization.

The Approach

Environment assessment and understanding was a key factor in the approach to developing a service delivery plan. Processes were to be defined and implemented in order to achieve the SLA objectives. On the same token, the involvement of Subject Matter Experts was mandated to achieve the technical as well as the cost objectives.

The Execution

Firstly, a comprehensive environment understanding activity was performed by Subject Matter Experts deployed by Precision, covering key areas such as Application Bandwidth requirements, Compute capacity requirements & Application compatibility.

Based on the assessment, new environments were created and all existing environments were migrated with minimal service impact to users.

A Data Centre Single Point of Contact (SPOC) was assigned to minimize complexities in operations support.

Processes were created to Monitor Infrastructure, Manage Incidents & Changes. A Monitoring tool was setup and configured to proactively alert, notify and escalate based on severity, hierarchy. Periodic health checks were scheduled and performed to ensure proactive management.

Detailed requirement based reporting system was setup – Automated Daily dashboard, Weekly Incident and Change management summary reports, Monthly Service performance reports, Executive Summary.

Cloud Cost Management services were provided to increase efficiency and effective resource usage.

Salient Points & Outcomes

Precision reviewed the current processes and identified potential gaps. Precision’s focus was BAU and moving towards automation and service improvements. SLA adherence goals were met, uptime was enhanced, resulting in end-user delight. Automation let to improvement in efficiency, effectiveness and predictability. Service improvements were addressed through process-oriented rollouts & technology enhancements.