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The Needs

A leading software services company, whose focus is analytics on consumer data, was hosting their client’s data center environment in their own datacenter infrastructure. Many of the servers deployed were nearing end-of-support and some others were close to end-of-life. The company desired to assess their infrastructure and obtain advice on feasible refresh options to ensure fitment to the application & environment requirements while meeting cost optimization needs.

The Approach

Precision’s COMPASS Framework for IT Infrastructure Management was employed to address the end-to-end services delivery. Precision engaged with the client as a consulting partner and initiated a detailed assessment of the client’s IT infrastructure. Certified cloud architects stepped in to assess the existing infrastructure, the application needs, the workloads, the roadmap, constraints and areas needing special attention. Various options were evaluated including on-premise datacenter refresh, private & public cloud, hybrid cloud deployment and so on.

The Execution

Precision performed a comprehensive assessment that included:-

– Understanding business requirements, existing infrastructure, services & processes
– Data & information review
– Analysis of areas of improvements spanning technology enhancements, business continuity, cost optimization & operational efficiency requirements
– Categorization of workloads & services based on low-medium-high criticality & impact
– Multi-cloud comparison based on geographic location, costs, platform support, license support, high-availability, operations effectiveness, security and billing cycles

Based on the assessment, Precision designed the solution architecture to deliver a redundant & scalable platform with high availability. Integration strategies were defined for internal and external connectors and connectivity needs identified & finalized.

A detailed migration plan was created to move from existing systems to a cloud environment along with the disaster recovery planning and cost optimization.

The migration plan was executed with a phased approach and Precision assisted the client over the entire migration process.

The Outcomes

The entire project was executed successfully with the minimal downtime. All services were migrated to the cloud and the result was an effective, secured IT environment at the right costing structure. The seamless migration eliminated stress, reduced costs and ensured continuity.