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The Needs

A web & application software services company, whose segment of focus is entertainment, is in the business of developing and publishing their application that has a user base upwards of a million.

The application, being intensely media based, needed an appropriate application environment to enable users to share their profiles, pictures, audio and video clips on the platform. The majority of access traffic comes in from APAC and the application was developed on the Microsoft platform with SQL as the backend database.

The challenge lay in addressing the core need of application access by a million users, ensuring high availability and reliably storing terabytes of data, in the most effective manner. The client was exploring various options such as on-premise infrastructure, co-location and cloud based solutions and decided to engage Precision to assess the requirements and derive the right solution for their demanding needs.

The Approach

Precision’s COMPASS Framework for IT Infrastructure Management was employed to address the end-to-end engagement. Precision engaged with the client as a consulting partner and initiated a detailed assessment of the client’s application environment needs with a focus on the critical requirements of scalability, storage and concurrent access.

Various options were evaluated and validated before the right solution could be architected and proposed.

The Execution

Post Precision’s detailed assessment, it was determined that a cloud centric solution would be the right fit to the needs. Additionally, a study of various AWS components such as EC2, RDS, ELB, Auto-scaling, Elastic Cache & S3 with multi-zone environment were found to be the most appropriate solution, considering all elements.

Precision proposed a design based on the said AWS components and the client evaluated their application hosting and found the solution to be feasible and cost-effective. In particular, usage of Auto-scaling and S3 was vital and directly addressed the business needs.

Precision assisted the client in architecting and deploying the cloud architecture based on a detailed solution plan.

The Outcomes

The application is now accessible by millions of users, without a glitch. Notwithstanding the number of concurrent users, the client has no apprehensions on the application availability front and its performance. Having experienced the successful implementation, the client is also contemplating migration of their other web based applications to the cloud and is also considering options to enable database migration from RDBMS to NoSQL.

The client is now able to focus on business growth without having to worry about managing the infrastructure needs with their scale.