Why does your organization need an IT health check?

Performing an IT health check provides the enterprise with an independent and holistic view of IT infrastructure capability and challenges, and with tangible recommendations for making improvements.

Organisations have become increasingly reliant on their key applications systems and supporting IT infrastructure to conduct their day to day business. They invest significant resources to deploy new systems, keep up with technology changes and develop an IT organization that understands and supports their business.

However, when faced with new challenges or opportunities such as a change in the organization, major investment decisions or entry into new markets, senior management needs to be confident that its IT capability will be able to support the business moving forward. This raises many questions about the organisation’s IT department performance, in terms of value for money, transparency on key activities, and management of IT risks.

Precision has developed an IT health check framework that helps to quickly and efficiently assess an organisation’s IT, providing management with a holistic view of IT capability and challenges.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Independent assessment providing a holistic and balanced view of your IT capability and challenges
  • Understanding of the ability of your IT to support current and future business needs
  • Assessment of your IT organisation in terms of people, skills and structure, highlighting strengths as well as potential weaknesses
  • Analysis and benchmarking of your IT costs helping you to understand their structure and compare them with similar organisations
  • Pragmatic and workable advice coupled with a high level implementation roadmap

A structured approach for quick results especially for Small and Medium Enterprises has provided tangible results with efficient use of resources at a competitive cost.

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