It’s wise to consider Remote Infrastructure Management

It’s wise to consider Remote Infrastructure Management

Today’s complex IT environment could mean several difficult situations such as frequent network outages, critical assets going down repeatedly, multiple threats, security breaches , large volumes of unorganized data; these situations necessitate the 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure by IT departments. In such scenarios, Remote Infrastructure Management seems to be a good option to consider.

The choice between an in-house monitoring plan and remote, outsourced monitoring involves the evaluation of the pros and cons of each option. The former pays IT professionals to work within a business; it can be both expensive and difficult to garner a highly qualified team of IT experts. Moreover, the business may experience limited development and performance due to the knowledge constraints of the IT team. Whereas, outsourcing all the network functions of a business makes the company enjoy even better benefits, usually at reduced costs. These experts have latest technologies, tools and complete resources that ensure a more robust delivery network.

Let’s look at the advantages of remote infrastructure management outsourcing for your business:

• Proactive monitoring: 24×7 monitoring by the RIM support desk keeps a check on the infrastructure (critical assets and services), searches for the potential problem areas and alerts your company of the chances of a breakdown. An additional pair of hands resolves the issues from the remote locations.

• Improved up-time: Remote infrastructure management providers have abundant technologies and latest tools that make sure that all your critical IT assets remain in optimum health. Proactive, corrective maintenance can help prevent costly downtime.

• High Security: The RIM Support provider fulfills the high security requirements of your organization. Data communication is usually encrypted so as to carry out a secure data transfer. Moreover, the data that is stored is in an encrypted format to eliminate any data loss. Specialized security experts can also monitor your firewall and deploy, manage and patch them to keep your business protected.

• Remote Service Desk: The RIM Support Provider may be contracted to provide Incident Management support to your company’s IT users.

• Cost Optimization: Enlisting RIM support usually leads to an improved RoI on the support spend of your organization.

Enterprises are looking at remote infrastructure management services due to advancing technology & support needs and shrinking budgets. Switching to Remote Infrastructure Management does makes sense.
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