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InnaITKey is a secure biometric device incorporating a best-in-class, highly secure anti-spoof fingerprint match-in -sensor and a high-end crypto controller that provides advanced asymmetric cryptography. Together with the server stack and SDK, the solution eliminates credential compromise, enables multi-device use and end-to-end encryption. InnaITKey is a state-of-the-art offering that solves problems across various industry verticals like BFSI, Automobile, Share trading, Pharmaceuticals and more.

A highly secure solution that innovatively combines PKI and Biometric to provide Passwordless Identity Authentication, Transaction Authorization and Signing.

These are the problems the InnaITKey solves:

Bank is unable to identify its customer with absolute certainty.

InnaITKey is designed with a high-end security controller that provides advanced PKI (RSA up to 4096 / ECC up to 521) to establish bi-directional trust and strong biometric authentication thereby ensuring that it is indeed a genuine customer that is logging in.

User is unable to ensure that they are connected to the Bank (prey to Phishing attack)

InnaITKey solution adopts a hardware-based PKI (RSA up to 4096 / ECC up to 521) asymmetric cryptography to establish bi-directional trust that ensure that the user is connected to the authentic bank servers and not to a phishing site.

Man-in-the-Middle attack.

After ensuring bi-directional trust, InnaITKey solution implements AES 256 symmetric encryption methods that carry unique identifiers and timestamps to eliminate possibility of man-in-the-middle attacks.

Existing OTP method using Mobile number for transaction approval is not secure and incur recurring costs.

InnaITKey adopts the latest System on Chip design-based Match in Sensor biometric authentication with built in anti-spoof protection, ensuring that the transaction is not compromised thus eliminates the need for OTP based approvals and thereby the costs, forever.

Customers use multiple devices like Mobile phones, Laptops and Desktops (@Home)

InnaITKey solution designed with the latest Biometric Match in Sensor and a high-end crypto controller can be connected to any device and thereby eliminates credential compromise and provides secure end-to-end encryption across multiple devices.

Every transaction is not accompanied by a unique customer signature.

InnaITKey solution implements biometric authentication- based login, transaction approvals and additionally each transaction is encapsulated with the unique customer signature, thereby rendering the access and transaction non-repudiable.

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