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A highly secure solution that innovatively combines PKI and Biometric to provide Passwordless Identity Authentication, Transaction Authorization and Signing.

InnaITKey is a FIDO2 L2 certified biometric device which can be used for FIDO enabled authentication services including Microsoft Azure active directory. InnaITKey is the first in class On-the-Go Biometric device which helps in securing the identity and also saves the trouble of remembering passwords.

InnaITKey is built with a highly secure anti-spoof fingerprint match-in-sensor and a high-end crypto controller that provides advanced asymmetric cryptography. This ‘Zero-Trust’ solution prevents Credential compromise, Phishing attacks, Password fatigue and enables seamless multi-device use. The solution thus contributes significantly to Fraud reduction, enhanced User Experience, and increased Productivity. InnaITKey is a state-of-the-art offering that solves problems across various industry verticals like Enterprises, BFSI, Automobile, Share trading, Pharmaceuticals and more.

Highlights of InnaITKey:

  • FIDO2 L2 Certified
  • Infineon Controller
  • AES 256-bit Symmetric Cryptography
  • Synaptics MIS Sensor
  • Common Criteria EAL 6+ (high) EMVCo Certification
  • 363DPI
  • Unique Signature
  • End-to-End H/W & S/W Integration

FIDO2 L2 Certification:

InnaITKey has gone through stringent requirements and security measures of FIDO2 Level2 certification and is the most secured and convenient On-the-Go FIDO2 Level2 certified biometric device in the market today. With a seamless integration of the key’s functionality and FIDO2 L2 protocols it is extremely easy on integration and functionality to use Microsoft Azure AD. InnaITKey’s pinnacle is the user’s fingerprint data is stored locally on the device with the best-in-class encryption. It is extremely safe, secure and convenient to carry this device in your pocket.

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