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As the enterprise grows, so does the need to secure its data with limited and authorized access to enterprise applications and information assets. While passwords are a common means to implement access authentication, this form of authentication has now become the weakest link. What does an enterprise do to protect their data and stay secure?

Biometric Technology

Biometrics provide a means to confirm that a person is who he or she claims to be, by verifying a set of physiological or behavioral traits that are unique to that person. With biometrics the risks associated with identity theft, impersonation & password compromise are reduced significantly.

Precision’s InnaIT Framework - The Comprehensive Biometric Authentication 
Solution for your Enterprise

Precision’s InnaIT Solution uses biometric technologies to ensure reliable identification and to prevent identity compromise. InnaIT comprises of a core framework & a set of pre-integrated modules that employ foolproof biometric authentication to help you secure your enterprise applications, your data center assets, user logins and much more. Non-repudiation, comprehensive audit logs and user convenience are some of the additional benefits delivered.

InnaIT Core

The Core Framework. Contains device drivers, algorithms, DB, Services and the several modules. SDK enables integration into specific application screens


Biometric authentication as a second factor while logging on to enterprise applications. Can be extended to verifying identity, using biometrics, at a transactional level (eg. maker-checker). Enterprise Single Sign-on couples security and convenience, by providing pass-through authentication to all applications that the user is authorized to use


Biometric authentication for Windows Active Directory login


Biometric protection to secure administrator access to Servers


Confidential user files & data are protected using biometric encryption


Event Verification System - Helps eliminate impersonation during any multi-stage process (eg. Recruitment, verification of players participating in a series of games)


Biometric based time and attendance system. Supports advanced features such as City /location /branch /holiday calendar /shift calendar etc.

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