Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

With the ever increasing need to access enterprise applications and resources on the network, how do organizations ensure the security of its information systems and provide access only to the authorized people?

The types of user authentication are

  • What you know – Passwords
  • What you have – Token / Smart Card
  • What you are – Biometrics

The most common method used to secure the access - the password, has now outlived its purpose. The solution therefore, is to strengthen access with more factors of authentication and not depend on passwords alone. Biometric as a factor of authentication is one of the best methods to protect the organization’s sensitive data by ensuring only authorized persons get access to resources. The problems of password compromise, impersonation & identity theft are eliminated by using biometric technologies.

Precision’s BioAD

Precision’s BioAD can add the biometric layer of security that you need.

BioAD is a biometric based Active Directory enabled desktop access management solution. It is specially designed to provide confidence in Access Management by using biometrics in conformance with standards, best practices and regulations, to eliminate identity theft.

Features and Benefits

  • Solution comprises of BioAD Admin software, client-side software, fingerprint scanner hardware, BioAD implementation and training
  • BioAD secures Windows Active Directory login using user biometrics
  • On completion of user enrolment, users would be able to perform AD login using their biometric credentials
  • Issues related to password compromise and impersonation are completely eliminated
  • Non-repudiation is established
  • Audit trails are available for review

Apart from the BioAD solution, Precision can also assist in providing biometric two-factor authentication solutions for SAP and other enterprise software applications.

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