Candidate Verification System

Candidate Verification System

Candidate Verification System

As more organizations scout for large number of potential employees, there still arises a gap between the number of graduates passing out of colleges each year and the available job opportunities. A NASSCOM study suggested that less than 25% of IT graduates are considered employable. Recent studies also suggest that over 3% of job applicants take recourse to some form of impersonation and identity fraud, to acquire placements.

Where desperation seeps in, impersonation begins.

Precision Biometric offers a solution with an innovative development that uses fingerprint and voice biometrics to eliminate impersonation frauds and to identify imposters during the recruitment process.

A cloud based solution that is easy to deploy and can be customized to meet an enterprise’s requirements, CVS can also be integrated with HR software applications such as Taleo, Kenexa, PeopleSoft etc.

How CVS Works

  • Recruiters capture a candidate’s biometric information (fingerprint & voiceprint) during first level of recruitment process.
  • Recruiters can verify the candidate’s fingerprint / voiceprint at multiple stages of the hiring process like preliminary exam, main exam, interview, offer roll-out and On-Boarding.
  • The system verifies the fingerprint against the fraudster database and reports to the recruiters.
  • Solution can be configured to perform fingerprint verification with the Indian Government’s Aadhaar biometric repository.
  • Hosted in an ISO 27001 certified environment.
  • Stable, scalable, secured https infrastructure with daily automated, managed backup.

Benefits of Implementing CVS

  • Prevents impersonation.
  • Recruitment decisions can be extremely reliable and flawless.
  • Improves the organization’s performance and efficiency as inefficient candidates attempting to impersonate are curtailed.
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