Is Password based access reducing confidence in your access management system ?
Is the Privileged ID and password shared among users ?
Worried about data loss or service interruption ?
Do you find it difficult to manage user rights provisioning & de-provisioning ?
Do you have to consolidate and manage logs from multiple servers to create an audit trail report ?
Is establishing ‘Non-Repudiation’ to Server Login a problem ?
Do users/administrators need to remember multiple passwords ?

  • BioNIX will address all these concerns!

    BioNIX, a server access management solution is specially designed to provide confidence in access management by eliminating identity theft; using biometrics, conformance to standards & regulations, and best practices.

    • Uses biometric technologies to enhance security and to establish ‘Non-Repudiation’
    • Administrative ease with consolidated logs of activities along with audit trails
    • Compliance with standards & regulations
    • Password management & automation
    • Accountability for privileged IDs

    Return On Investment (ROI)

    • Increased productivity owing to password automation
    • Reduction in password reset costs to Service Desk
    • Increase in productivity due to reduction in
      • User’s authentication time
      • Administrator’s account management time
    • Enhanced security and audit trail to prevent data loss & service interruption
  • Business Benefits of BioNIX

    Non-repudiation and Audit Trail

    • Biometric based solution, establishing non-repudiation
    • Eliminates threat of identity theft
    • Establishes a clear trail of commands executed by administrators, which can be used for auditing

    Ease of Administration

    • Enterprises can adapt to managing server accounts in a robust, controlled and accountable manner, with no operational risk or complexity
    • Provisioning and de-provisioning user access rights is made simple for the administrators
    • Audit trails for all the servers are available in a report format in a single location

    Compliance with Standards & Regulations

    • BioNIX helps your organization to be compliant with standards like ISO 27001 and HIPPA

    Password Management

    • Password automation
    • No need to change the password policy
    • Existing password policy of the organization can be configured and the solution will adhere to existing policies
    • Eliminate costs associated with ‘password reset request’ to the Service Desk, which is estimated to be around 30% of the entire service desk cost

    Multiple Environments

    • BioNIX supports authentication management for Windows, Unix and Linux flavours
    • BioNIX supports multiple commercially available & open source databases like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase etc
    • BioNIX does not require any additional hardware; it can run on existing infrastructure
    • Easy to deploy; requires installation and training only at client systems and will not become a bottleneck in rollouts across platforms

    The pillars of Access Security should be: Authentication, Authorization, Non-Repudiation and Audit Trail.

    BioNIX – biometric based authentication solution for the datacenter can cater to this entire requirement with a high level of reliability.BioNIX is considered a safe and effective method to access Servers.

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