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InnaIT – Precision’s comprehensive biometric authentication framework

Information security issues are increasingly coming to the fore. Password compromise & identity theft are serious threats. These problems are segment agnostic – they impact organizations of all sizes and industry verticals. Market statistics confirm an ever-growing focus on identity management solutions amongst other information security solutions.

The Case for Biometrics

Traditional methods of authentication such as Passwords (what you know) and Tokens/Character Grids/OTPs (what you have) are proving increasingly ineffective. Both these methods are fraught with risks of identity theft and impersonation. Biometrics (what you are), on the other hand, cannot be forgotten or shared and are an effective method of performing reliable identification and preventing impersonation.

The advantages of using biometrics for authentication:

  • Security

    Biometrics cannot be forgotten or shared. Help reliably identify the individual and prevent impersonation

  • Convenience

    Biometrics eliminate the need to remember complex and multiple passwords

  • Non-repudiation

    Eliminates the possibility of a user denying his/her performance of an action such as logging in into a system or carrying out a transaction

  • Audit Trails

    Comprehensive, non-repudiable audit trails can be built and maintained for records, future reference, audits and compliance


Introducing Precision’s InnaIT Framework

Recognizing the increasing need for reliable identification and uncompromised authentication, Precision has developed a holistic solution suite comprising of biometric hardware and software modules that can suit all common usage scenarios across industry segments. The modular design of the InnaIT framework provides flexibility – the organization may choose the specific modules that are needed and expand as the user base grows.

The InnaIT framework also simplifies the implementation – eliminating the need for complex integration of multiple security solutions. Additionally, the entire solution is provided by one solution provider, Precision, so you don’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors.

Interesting in knowing how Precision’s InnaIT Framework can be of help in protecting your systems? Have a look at the Offerings -> Biometric -> InnaIT section for more details or Contact Us.

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