Solution for Consumers

Precision’s Solution – Patent Applied

Today’s internet users have two big concerns.solution for consumers

  • Remembering many passwords to login to various websites
  • Securing their online identity from threats

netGuard alleviates these concerns, so you can be secured online and focus on your business and not on identity security.

About netGuard:

A cyber security biometric solution to replace most website passwords. This solution simplifies password management including generation of strong random passwords, password changes and adherence to password policies. The solution does not call for any customization of the host software(portal).


  • No need to remember many passwords
  • Intuitive and easy to use application
  • Trouble free login to websites & applications
  • No more lost or forgotten passwords.


  • Protection against identity theft,phishing,keylogger
  • Biometric protection for website login
  • Very strong password for your net banking websites
  • Military standard PKI/AES encryption for your data.

Factor of coolness:

  • Easy to install – completely installable by the customer
  • Identified the fingerprint and correspondingly identifies & accesses websites
  • Seamless integration with any portal.