Software Distribution

An add-on to InsTIL Asset Management, InsTIL Software Distribution enables IT administrators with a centralized control system over the remote software deployment process. It provides a simplified interface to distribute, install, update and uninstall software applications from a centrally managed location.


  • Reduce software deployment time.
  • Deploy software quickly and cost-effectively, without additional infrastructure.
  • Simplify your Software distribution process through deployment tracking and reporting.


  • Centrally managed software rollouts across network.
  • Installs both MSI and EXE based software.
  • Scheduled deployment of software.
  • Create repository of packages.

Free Software Distribution

InsTIL Software Distribution tool can be used to deploy application software for a maximum of 5 assets for free. Visit

Licensing based on Asset Management license procured:: 1 Base pack = 25 assets, 1 Add on pack = 25 assets