Incident Management

InsTIL Incident Management tool enables the organisation to manage incidents efficiently and deliver superior services to all users while increasing productivity and freeing valuable IT resources.

InsTIL is the one-stop solution for your IT Service desk with a browser based interface & self-service portal that is both easy-to-install and run.


  • Real-time tracking of incidents throughout the asset’s lifecycle.
  • Enables prioritization based on urgency and impact.
  • Enforces clarity in role definition and responsibilities of human resources involved with IT support and management.
  • Knowledge Base (KB) created and used automatically to improve response and resolution time.
  • Measure productivity of human resources and infrastructure.
  • Trend analysis for planning and forecasting.


  • ITIL aware product for your IT facility
  • Track incidents real-time – know the status.
  • Create workflows appropriate to your operations – flexibility.
  • Assign incidents to multiple technicians (serial / parallel mode) – ensure a smooth support flow and enhance turn-around.
  • Prioritise incident based on urgency and impact.
  • Enforce clarity in role definition and responsibilities of human resources in IT support and management – who does what?
  • Automated Service Desk – route incidents directly to help desk team based on category and skill sets.
  • Create Knowledge Base (KB) & FAQs – improve response and resolution time.
  • Analyse trends – for planning and forecasting.
  • Measure productivity of IT team – improve efficiency.

InsTIL software licensing is based on number of Service Desks.

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