BioNIX – Security for server access

Picture1Enterprises are often faced with the challenge of protecting their Data Centers from internal and external threats. While access cannot be completely denied, a system to ensure that servers are accessed by authorized personnel, is a necessity. BioNIX from Precision is a Server Access Management solution that ensures regulated access management using biometric technology and thereby eliminates threats of identity theft and password sharing.

Features of BioNIX:

Non Repudiation and Audit Trail

BioNIX ensures non-repudiation owing the use of biometrics and also maintains an audit trail for information security audits.

Ease of Administration

Enterprises are provided with the option of managing server accounts in a robust and controlled environment to reduce operational risks and complexity while staying accountable. With uncomplicated access rights and reports for audit trails across all servers, BioNIX eases the process for administrators.

Standards and Compliance

BioNIX helps your organization stay compliant to standards.

Password Management

BioNIX can be configured to an enterprise’s pre-existing password policy and can be managed regularly while removing all costs for Password Change Requests.

Implementation Ease

BioNIX runs on existing hardware, eliminating all requirements for additional servers. It assures effortless deployment with training done on the client’s systems.

Multiple Environments

BioNIX supports authentication management for Windows, UNIX and Linux in the physical and virtual environment and multiple commercially available and open source databases like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, etc.

Advantages of BioNIX:

  • Robust solution
  • Advanced radio frequency based fingerprint scanner.
  • User/ Server admin/BioNIX admin need not know the password
  • Existing password policies protected
  • Bottleneck situations are avoided during rollouts.
  • Easy installation with seamless operations.