Solutions for Enterprise and Commercial Banking

solution for enterAs an enterprise grows, the need to secure its data with limited and authorized access arises.

Several organizations have invested in various forms of authentication with additional steps to reduce the dependence on passwords. However, data theft is still a common occurrence. While Passwords are a common practice to ensure security, an intruder cannot be solely stopped through it. Several organizations have invested in various factors of authentication with numerous steps to reduce the dependence on passwords but data theft is still a common occurrence. What does an enterprise do to protect their data and stay secure?


With biometrics, identity theft, impersonation, hacking, password sharing etc. diminish as biometric authentication depends solely on verification of the identity of the individual accessing the data.

With advanced technology that includes face, voice and fingerprint recognition, Precision Biometric provides a secure, anti-theft environment and is the highest factor of authentication available today.

Solutions offered :

  1. BioNIX – Security for Server Access
  2. 2FA – 2 Factor Authentication
  3. Enterprise Single Sign-On
  4. Candidate Verification System using Biometrics
  5. Time and Attendance Solutions for Large Enterprises
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