Device Monitoring

An add-on to InsTIL Asset Management is InsTIL Device Monitoring. It monitors the status of hosts and IP enabled network devices at all times and identifies any outages of performance to alert the administrator.


  • IT team can be alerted of issues before they turn into serious problems.
  • Ensure real-time optimal performance uptime of critical IT assets.
  • Automatic trouble ticket trigger.
  • Removes need for agents on individual IT assets.
  • Helps proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.


  • 24/7 device monitoring of critical IT assets.
  • Uses WMI and SNMP protocols to monitor critical IT assets.
  • Graphical representations of CPU, Memory, HDD and Today Availability.
  • View Interface bandwidth usage in a simplified graph.
  • Graphical representation of reports
  • Tools to create customizable widgets.
  • Alerts via Dashboard.
  • User definable alerts for thresholds.

Free Device Monitoring

InsTIL device monitoring tool can be used to monitor up to five device for free.Visit

Licensing based on Asset Management license procured: 1 Base pack = 25 assets, 1 Add on pack = 25 assets