2FA – 2 Factor Authentication

2FAWith increased competition, password theft and hacking, the need to protect business critical data and records is high. Also, as enterprises struggle to face the challenge of staying secure, a conventional password is unreliable.Precision’s Biometric based 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) solution ensures data protection with its dual authentication process of requiring a password and a biometric to access confidential data.

Also, as enterprises struggle to face the challenge of staying secure, a conventional password based authentication system is increasingly unreliable.

Functions of 2FA:

  • Integrated with business applications including ERP & CBS.
  • Compiled on various platforms such as HP, UX, IBM AIX, SUN SOLARIS, RHEL & Windows.

2FA is now a part of CBS and several kiosks of leading Public Banks and Patient Management Systems for hospitals and health insurance companies.