Points to consider while migrating to the cloud

Points to consider while migrating to the cloud

According to an ETCIO survey, 37% of enterprises planned to move anywhere between 25-50% of their workloads to the cloud last year. While cloud adoption is on the rise, implementation still remains a struggle for many enterprises. According to a RightScale research report, companies had the following concerns around cloud adoption:

– Lack of resources or expertise
– Security
– Compliance
– Managing costs
– Complexity
– Governance & Control
– Performance

So how can you execute a smooth transition to the cloud, while addressing these concerns?

Establish a detailed, step by step migration approach with the following elements:

1. Have an IT assessment performed; thoroughly examining and understanding the present IT Infrastructure environment would be a good starting point to develop a migration strategy
2. Work on a plan that preserves IT infrastructure investments already made and prepare a roadmap for upgrades and additions for the present and future needs
3. Understand and define data security & privacy needs; this will help determine what can move to the cloud and what cannot
4. Assess application compatibility, utilization aspects, platforms needed and availability needs
5. Define operations management and monitoring needs
6. Identify the right cloud architecture – private, public or hybrid
7. Estimate and compare both technological features & cost effectiveness amongst different cloud options & choose the most suited
8. Choose the most appropriate cloud orchestration methods to adopt
9. Prepare a phased transition and test plan

It might be prudent to engage the services of a trusted and experienced solution provider, with the right skillsets, to assist with the entire migration process, end to end, and to provide post-migration operations support.

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